Best Winter Shoes for Your Trip to Sweden

If there’s one thing to make mandatory for the folks who enjoy warm feet while travelling to Sweden during winter, it is winter shoes of different types. As the weather can be unpredictable sometimes, that will be great to pack 2-3 pairs of shoes that can resist rainy weather as well as cold weather. Make sure to do proper shoe care whenever you come back from a trip or hike.

As Scandinavian fashion always appreciates minimalistic or neutral colour palettes, the surrounding makes it preferable to avoid vibrant, highly contrasting, or casual shoes.

In your what-to-bring packing list, make sure to add any of these shoes to enjoy the best winter season in Sweden. For the size and great buying decision, ReviewsBird Sweden can be of help anytime.

Lundhags Park

These urban-styled shoes are known for their utility, longevity, and robustness. This is ideal for whoever is searching for lightweight multipurpose shoes. It gives good insulation as these are made of cellular rubber. If you’re looking to try something a bit more out of the ordinary, consider wearing a pair of Lundhags Park.

ALFA Talus Perform

The ALFA is a snug, cosy, and incredibly durable winter boot made for a dynamic winter lifestyle including all activities in chilly weather. Unfortunately, these boots aren’t really appropriate for summer wear in Sweden as they aren’t considered for that season. However, they are great for travelling to colder climates as they are easy to keep clean and you won’t run the risk of damaging delicate Swedish nature.

Icebug Metro2

This is an excellent option for individuals who want footwear that can withstand the typical winter uneven surfaces but don’t want to invest more in a high-tech wintertime hiking boot. Icebug is a specialist in creating footwear that has high traction on icy grounds, and they even boast that their footwear has the “greatest grip in the world”.

Helli Hansen Seraphina

These boots are for those who care for durability and functionality more than simplicity and aesthetics. For women, these boots are an excellent choice. It’s robust enough for a short climb, but it’s probably more appropriate for urban settings than for the wild outdoors. However, an excellent all-purpose boot that doesn’t seem too bulky.

Dress up with these boots, amazingly!

A good way to accomplish this is to sport a fur-lined coat or jacket. This will help you establish a more open and approachable image. You can either go for a traditional coat or try a modern jacket with a fur-lined collar or a fur-lined hood. Again, this isn’t a style that’s common in Sweden, so you’ll stand out. However, this is something that will help you feel more at ease. You can also find a coat that fits in with the Swedish styles, such as a bomber or trench coat.

If you’re looking to try some other Scandinavian shoes in Sweden, rubber boots are a great option as they are easy to find and a popular shoe in the region. You can find brands like Frye or Red Wing and many shoe stores will have a selection of these shoes.