HCG Injections

HCG injections were the original way to access the human chorionic gonadatropic hormone.  Dr. Simeons used that delivery at the time because oral methods had not been discovered yet.  Read the entries below to get a clearer picture of this method.

Weight Loss Injections

These days numerous weight loss programs are available in the market which include the latest popular programs as well as  the traditional ones. There are various pros and cons of these weight loss programs. Most of them include fad diets which work in the short term but usually fail in the long term. Most of the programs take a longer time to get results. Use of weight loss injections are the best for instant results. HCG for weight loss is an incredible breakthrough in medicine.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone which is naturally produced by placenta in pregnant women and almost completely controls the metabolic function from the hypothalamus throughout the pregnancy. The HCG which is used as a weight loss injections is a variation of the HCG form which is used for fertility treatments but in a very small dose. All HCG which is used for medical purposes is natural and created in laboratories from sterile cells and not extracted from women or animal urine which is a misconception. HCG weight loss injections have gained great popularity in recent times and seems to be quite effective, user friendly as an appetite suppressant. With these injections, hunger cravings disappear but a person does not feel unhealthy or weak physically and mentally. Instead it promotes healthy living. The extent to which fat cells gets burned out are naturally greater in shots than pills or oral drops. The shots are given within the muscle or are taken underneath the skin. This enhances or encourages the buildup of muscle.

For people using weight loss injections, an organic and ketogenic diet is prescribed. It includes fresh vegetables, salads, fruits etc. This automatically lowers the fat intake and allows the patient to live on 850 to 1250 calories per day. This combination makes the body well-toned and structured within a month. So, HCG is a good method of losing the weight in a positive way. A physician should be consulted before starting the procedure as it requires some blood tests and general health assessment. HCG injections produce little or no tissue reaction.

No vacuum should be  in the bottle after preparing the HCG solution or after withdrawal of the amount required for the injections. When sharp needles are used, it is possible that a little bit of rubber can be punched out of the rubber cap and can be seen as small black pieces floating in the solution. Proper care should be taken while drawing the solution into the syringe. There are lots of places in the body where one can administer the injections. These areas are called injection spots and are most likely the top of the leg, thigh, mid line of right thigh,and just midway between the hip and knee. Specific sterilizing processes and proper care should be taken if it is to be self-injected. Certain steps are taken to ease the discomfort of injections as listed:

1. Very fine needles should be used for the weight loss injections. They should be two inches long and injected deep into the outer upper quadrant of buttocks. Pinch off the skin and pull it gently to avoid the distraction to the nerves. Some people prefer a quick motion shot while other people prefer resting the needle on the pinched skin and pushing it through with a smooth motion. It should not be given in the superficial fat layers which in very obese patients must be compressed so as the needle should reach the muscle.
2. The muscles should be in a relaxed position prior to injection and ice can be applied to numb the injection site.
3. The injection sites should be rotated.
4. The refrigerated medications should be allowed to regain room temperature before being applied.
5. The alcohol should be applied, then the skin dried before the injection.
6. The daily HCG injections should be given at intervals as close to 24 hours as possible, any attempt to economize the time by giving larger doses at longer intervals is doomed to produce less satisfactory results.

With all these experiences and benefits, HCG weight loss injections is a perfect opportunity to adopt a healthy life style and is also a smart alternative to other weight loss programs to feel instant improvement and in maintaining the weight.

HCG Injections Side Effects

Although HCG injections work in appetite suppression, they also have some side effects which anybody wishing to lose weight through these injections should consider first. HCG injections side effects can start affecting your body while still using the injections or later in life. There are positive and negative side effects of HCG injections. Before anyone starts using HCG injections, he or she should consult a doctor who is able to prescribe the right dosage and also advice someone whether to start or not to use HCG injections at all.

Some of the positive HCG injections side effects include: reduction in the risk of getting breast cancer, increased self confidence after successful weight loss, stabilization of blood sugar, increased energy and metabolism, and reduced migraines are experienced by people who have migraines. In addition to that, HCG injections have lower risks than those associated with obesity which the injections are used to treat. In men, HCG injections are used to increase sperm count and also helpful in pituitary gland disorders which prevents the testicle from descending into scrotum properly.

Allergic reaction signs are some of the most common side effect of HCG injections The allergic signs vary from one person to another and may include: difficulty in breathing, hives and swelling of lips, tongue, throat or face. If you experience some of these allergic signs, you should stop using HCG injections and seek emergency medical help.

Another negative HCG injections side effects is increase in chances of having multiple pregnancy. Multiple pregnancy can be a life threatening issue for the babies and even the mother. This is also a major blow for women who are in a family planning program. Moreover, during pregnancy HCG injections can also cause birth defects in the baby. It is very important therefore, not to use HCG injections during pregnancy. If a Woman gets pregnant while using HCG injections, she should consult a doctor as soon as possible, so that she can be examined thoroughly and given necessary advise. This is because HCG injections are known to cause ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) can be developed, especially in women who are using HCG injections for the first time. OHSS symptoms include: weight gain, stomach pain and swelling, diarrhea, urinating less than normal, nausea and vomiting, pelvic pain, swelling of the legs or hands, and shortness in breath. If some of these signs are discovered, a doctor should be consulted immediately to examine and treat the problem.

In young boys, HCG injections can cause early puberty. Some of the puberty signs that can be spotted include: pubic hair growth, deepened voice, increased acne or sweating. To avoid these effects in young boys, other methods of losing weight for young overweight boys should be considered, such as walking, cycling, eating healthy food or even jogging.

Men using HCG injections may experience some side effects such as growth around the breast and enlarged prostate. Sometimes, this can lead to prostate cancer. These side effects can be very disturbing although they usually do not last long. The breast growth is usually due to increase in estrogen levels produced by HCG injections. However, it is important for men using HCG injections to discuss these or other side effects with their doctor. This way, the doctor can determine if the side effects are dangerous or just normal.

Another potential HCG injections side effect is blood clots. The clots are a life threatening problem and they should be treated immediately. Some of the signs of blood clots include: severe headache, confusion, warmth and pain in the legs or arms, and dizziness. In addition to that, HCG injections can also cause water weight of the body due to the retention of fluid in the body. This is not a serious problem, but it can cause swelling which might make somebody uncomfortable.

Other minor HCG injection side effects include: hair loss, headaches, swelling and pain at the injected body part, depression, weight gain, irritability, mood changes, fatigue and nausea especially after injection. A person may experience one or more of these side effects when using HCG injections. Anyway, professional health care advise is always recommended, to avoid some of these side effects and also to know when the effects are dangerous.

Purchase HCG Injections

Before we learn how to purchase HCG Injections, it is important to learn what HCG injections actually are. HCG injections are meant for rapid weight loss and are believed to be very effective; however, HCG injections are not ratified by the government as of yet. There are several health companies that offer HCG injection kist to those individuals who have so far tried various possible ways to reduce their weight.

HCG has suddenly found plenty of popularity as it has become an effective means of reducing weight with an added advantage that the weight would be unlikely to return back. This indeed is a new and unique approach towards weight loss issues where individuals would love to try this innovative method. The experts vouch for this new method of weight loss. They are of the opinion that it has evolved as a result of consistent and methodical clinical research.

Some health experts have even written books on HCG methodology that must be read and understood thoroughly before going for this treatment.

Now, here we present some vital tips, suggestions and methods to purchase HCG Injections in the most valid and appropriate way. Here we go –

There are plenty of health stores and pharmacies who have started stocking HCG injections in their stores. While some of the stores or pharmacies may demand a prescription for HCG, some may let you buy those without any fuss or hassle.

Before you purchase HCG Injections, it is important to learn that HCG has to be chosen to be consumed along with the diet. When taken in tandem with the diet, the comprehensive dosage of HCG will show results in a better and promising way. Another advantage of taking an HCG dose along with the relevant diet will never let the individual feel the hunger pangs.

If losing the weight in an appropriate way is your aim, then it is important to follow the rules of taking the genuine dosage of HCG and not the homeopathic dosage that has a lesser amount of hormone.

Before one decides to purchase HCG Injections, it is better to get a thorough knowledge about its dosage as well. Ideally, one needs to take 125-200 IU on daily basis. However, even a daily dose of 250 IU HCG will also do no harm. Taking a higher dosage of HCG is important because our food items now tend to contain more chemical traces as they are genetically modified to a higher extent. The reason given for these higher doses is because many food plants are genetically modified and there are also more chemicals added to our food. The higher dosage of HCG will not create any problems as it gets easily secreted through the urinary system.

At the time you purchase HCG injections, please notice that the seller is not levying any extra charges in one or the other pretext. Some of the fraudulent vendors include frivolous things in the HCG kits and miss on the real item of the actual hormone.

The advent of technology has enabled individuals to purchase HCG Injections over the Internet. Since the hormone named HCG has become quite popular among the masses for its capability of effectively discarding body weight, people are getting more curious and excited to buy HCG Injections. The effectiveness of HCG lies in the fact that it instructs the body to break its fatty cells thus releasing energy that is required to speed up the metabolism.

Those individuals who are about to purchase HCG Injections must also learn well its administration. It has to be taken under the muscle, or more suitably, under the skin. Once, the doctor has been consulted for deciding the daily dosage of HCG Injections it can be administered daily through intra-muscular shots.

The individual taking the HCG shots must religiously follow a low calorie diet throughout this regimen. While the sleep should be adequate, a sufficient amount of workouts should also be followed consistently.

One startling advantage of HCG is that its administration into muscles suitably works to suppress hunger. Despite curtailing hunger and appetite, it does not make an individual feel weak or feeble. Understandably, this makes HCG a preferred choice by many obese individuals.

Finally, all the cautious individuals can purchase HCG Injections from the official online portal to stay away from any kinds of dubious transactions.