Duration: 8 hours a day, during which you can, and should, eat whenever you want

Days/Week: The magic of The 8-Hour Diet is that you don’t have to follow it every day. Seven days a week? Terrific! Only five? You’re still good! Just three? You’ll still see benefits!

Meals: As many as you want, whenever you want — as long as they fall within your 8-hour eating plan

Foods: At each meal or snack, try to get two of the eight Powerfoods — one Fat Buster and one Health Booster.
Every day, you want to make sure you can say, “I ate my 8!”

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Satisfy your hunger and nutrition needs with delicious meals like blueberry pancakes, rotisserie turkey, fish tacos, Alfredo chicken, bacon, turkey and guacamole sandwiches, and many, many more! And a glass of pinot noir makes a fine addition, because it’s the healthiest of the good-for-you wines! Get delicious recipes and an easy workout plan for foolproof weight loss!

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Enjoy the Yogurt Parfait for a fat-busting 60-second breakfast (or dessert!) Enjoy a juicy chop and sweet grilled peaches, plus 5 Powerfoods, with the Pork and Peaches.
These Blueberry Pancakes, packed with 4 Powerfoods, bring extra protein to the breakfast table!