Eat whatever you want, as much as you want.
But limit the time you eat to just 8 hours a day. That’s it.

Follow the simple plan in this groundbreaking new book, and you can still lose up to 2.5 pounds a week, eating all your favorite foods. And in the bargain, you can also sharpen your mind, slash your risk of heart disease and diabetes, and dramatically slow the aging process.

The science behind The 8-Hour Diet is so compelling, and the program itself so foolproof, some researchers who study this way of eating have started following it themselves!

You can start changing your life in just 8 hours! Why not start today? Click Here Two scientific principles guide The 8-Hour Diet — even if you follow it just 3 days a week! The first is the manner in which your body stores calories, in the form of glycogen. Your body's most easily accessible source of energy is the glycogen in
your liver; if you burn through these stores, you force your body to start burning fat for energy. The 8-Hour Diet explains how to trigger your body’s fat-burning furnace while you sleep, so you can begin stripping away flab the moment you wake.

The 8-Hour Diet also enhances the function of your mitochondria — the energy source inside your body’s cells — maximizing their output while reducing the amount of intracellular damage caused by the typical American diet. The result: The 8-Hour Diet helps slow the aging process and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, even Alzheimer’s! CLICK HERE


The groundbreaking science behind The 8-Hour DietOur bodies are like clocks, preferring to schedule maintenance and system backup during planned downtimes. If you crash the system — raiding the fridge at midnight and eating five bowls of sugary cereal first thing in the morning — it clears the dietary wreckage, resulting in a pileup around your waistline. But if you limit chow time to very specific hours of the day, your system has all the time it needs to process the traffic along your digestive tract, and it results in more health benefits than you can imagine.


On The 8-Hour Diet you can slash your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This is a big one. We’ve all seen the damage Alzheimer’s can do in our own families, in relatives, or in the parents of close friends. And it terrifies many of us to think that our bodies might outlast our brains. If that worries you, you’re in the right place. Intermittent fasting — the strategy that makes The 8-Hour Diet so effective — has profound effects on the small-scale architecture of the brain, to keep the synapses firing — and the memories strong — long after the uncontrolled eaters have moved on to “out-to-lunch.”

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